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Old bakery photo of Hellas Wholesale Bakery
Old bakery photograph of Hellas Wholesale Bakery

Authentic Greek Pastries

A Family Legacy

For over 50 years, the Karterouliotis family have been the proud owners of Hellas Bakery. Since its founding by Bob and Maria, it has grown into a world-renowned restaurant, retail bakery, and wholesale bakery operation. Rooted in family traditions and recipes that have been passed down, we bring authentic Greek pastries for all to enjoy.

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The history of Hellas Bakery & Pita started in the late summer of 1969. Bob and Maria immigrated from Sparta, Greece to the United States. They settled in Chicago, IL to begin their American dream. After only being in the U.S. for a few months, Bob and Maria decided to open the original Hellas Bakery in the Greek town of Chicago. The Karterouliotis’ family success grew, and they continued to open additional bakeries around the Chicago area. After years of success, Bob and Maria decided to move their family and Hellas Bakery to Florida. In 1983, the second generation of Hellas Bakery was born in the downtown Clearwater area. The family business was soon joined by their children, and as the family grew, so did the business. Today, we cater to some of the largest Greek festivals and restaurant chains in the United States.

Filo Dough From Sratch

A proud cornerstone of the Greek Community

At Hellas Wholesale Bakery, several generations of family are involved in the day-to-day care and creation of Greek pastries that surpass all others, with many of our products using our fillo dough made at the bakery. Although many of our products are traditional Greek baked goods, like flogeres (rolled filo dough with ground walnuts, homemade syrup, and honey) or tyropita (feta cheese blend wrapped in filo dough), that is not all we serve. You will also find a vast array of delicious breads, cookies, and cakes for any occasion. You cannot go wrong with one of our most popular items — baklava cheesecake.

We take enormous pride and embrace the legacy of our beloved grandparents by meticulously handcrafting our exquisite recipes handed down from generation to generation. It is a great honor to share the essence of our authentic Greek pastries for all to enjoy!

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Get Authentic Greek Pastries

No matter where you are located, Hellas can fulfill all your Greek wholesale pastry needs. Let us help you choose from favorites like our baklava cheesecake, spanakopita, kourabiedes, or a classic baklava.

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